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LPA Signup Form
At Franklin Creek Shop or can print and turn in there.

LPA Signup Form

This is a DUPR based organization for players of any level who want competition. Those who want to hone their pickleball skills.

Complete LPA information is on the website.

Turn the form into the Franklin Creek Pro Shop.

If a player does not have a DUPR rating, join and one can be established.

Monday & Thursday have Ladder Events (when there is no league)

The Fall League: (The League is for players of all levels, minimum of 20 DUPR scores needed)

Aug 28 - Sep 17 = the sign-up period

Sep 18 = DUPR ratings run, all players who signed up will be sent the list.

There is room for 3 Divisions of 24 players in each (72 players). Teams determined by a drafting process.

The league is 6 weeks in length.

Oct 12 - Nov16 = Thursday Premier and Challenger Division League Play

Oct 16 - Nov 20 = Monday Major Division League Play

Sign up Information:

First Name =

Last Name =

Member Email =

Phone Number =

Member Number =

Date submitted = must be an Athletic or Golf Member. Annual fee of $30 - auto charged each January. Join August or after, $15 charge for the balance of that year.

Write a check made out to the Landings Pickleball Association or bring cash to Thursday night.

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