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Self-Rating  updated 7-26-2022

  • ​2.0 - Just starting to play pickleball.

  • ​2.5 - Limited experience playing pickleball.  You can keep a short rally on the pickleball court.  You have a basic understanding of the rules (particularly if you can keep the score properly).

  • 3.0 - You can generally hit forehand drives, serves, returns with medium pace as well as dinks but lack consistently and control.  Example serves and returns not consistent and lack of depth.

  • 3.5 - You can hit forehand drives, serves, and returns with pace, dinks and drop shots.  You are developing some consistency and control.  You understand basic strategy.  You are starting to vary shots between the soft and hard game.  You are moving quickly to the Non-Volley Zone when you have the opportunity.

  • 4.0 - You can hit forehand and backhand drives, returns with pace, as well as dink shots and volleys (as well as block volleys) and serves with different speeds.  You have consistency and control.  You understand strategy, have a moderate number of unforced errors, and know how to attack your opponents’ weaknesses.

  • 4.5 - You can hit all types of shots with pace, spin, depth, direction, consistency, and control.  You understand strategy.  You have a limited number of unforced errors.  You can change your game play to attack your opponents’ weaknesses.

  • 5.0 - The major difference between 4.5 and 5.0 is you rarely make unforced errors.

  • 5.5/6.0 - You consistently win at the highest level against professional players at tournament level.

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