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Court Contracts How the system works

TLC members can contract to reserve court times for a period up to 2 hours. This can be done online within the Courts Section of The Landings Club website or through the Franklin Creek Pro Shop.  Reserving can be done one week in advance of playing. If you want a long-term 3-month contract, at the beginning of each quarter a notice is sent out via email and within the Our Club Daily News to sign up. 

If you cannot use a court or courts on a certain week, you must call the Pro shop to cancel them for that week.  The Franklin Creek Pro Shop phone number: 912-598-3500. All court cancellations are to be received 48 hours in advance.  Failure to do so will result in a strike on your contract. Due to the increased demand for courts, you are allowed 2 strikes before a contract is forfeited for the remainder of the quarter.  ‘Striking out’ does not mean you cannot play; it simply removes your court/courts from the contract list and puts them on the open market. Franklin Creek Pro staff will be making the rounds daily to take attendance- ensuring that everyone is here and able to play.

The Franklin Creek Pro Shop phone number: 912-598-3500

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