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Pickleball Exercises

There are many on Youtube.  Just put in Youtube Pickleball ExercisesAs with any exercise, make sure you are cleared with a doctor to do them.

Warm Up Before Getting On The Court  7-26-2022

With all these do only a few to loosen up or as many as you see fit.


  1. With feet fairly close together.  Step up on your toes lifting your heals off the ground.  Lift your toes up, lifting your heals slightly off the ground.  Roll a little bit to the outside of your feet and then a little to the inside.

  2. Sway your hips from side to side.

  3. Little hula hoop motion – one direction, then the other.

  4. Stand up straight.  From the waist, bend sideways to the right, return to straight up, bend to the left.

  5. Stand straight up.  From your waist, turn your right shoulder backwards so your shoulders are now sideways. Go to center position.  Do the same with your left shoulder.

  6. Grab your paddle.  Simulate hitting a ball at knee level.  First on the right side, center yourself, then to the left side.

  7. Lean forward, let your arm dangle straight down, rotate around in a circle one way and then the other.  Do with both arms.

  8. Grab both ends of your paddle.  Lift if over your head and pull down behind your head and lift it up to the sky.

  9. Take the paddle back like you are doing an overhead and do some in slow motion.

  10. Do some small squats.

  11. Do some lunges. One side and then the other. Do them slow and stretch a little.

Warming Up On The Court  7-26-2022

  1. Start by dinking directly and easily to your partner.

  2. Then start moving your partner around from side to side.  You are not trying to win a point, just warming up your partner's legs.

  3. Volley to each other.  This is to be cooperative.  Hit directly at each other.  Speed up as ability allows.

  4. One player moves to mid court (transition zone).  The other player hits easy shots at their feet.  The receiver is trying to return drops shot to the kitchen.

  5. The player moves to the back line.  Same as before, the player at the back line is trying to execute 3rd shot drops.

  6. The player on the back line drives their return.

  7. The two players reverse roles.

5 Minute At Home Exercise

For these you only use your body weight and a paddle.  As with any exercise, make sure you check with your doctor to make sure you are cleared to do them.

This utilizes legs, glutes, core, and shoulders.

  1. Pretend you are standing at the kitchen line in an athletic position.  Take a shuttle step to the right, set yourself in an athletic position, and then swing taking a volley swing.  This is not a big swing.  Take the paddle back no farther than the shoulder.  Pretend you are meeting the ball in front of you.  Then shuffle so back at center.  Shuffle to the left, set, and swing.  Those two comprise one set.  Do 5 sets.

  2. Do the same exercise but instead of a volley swing, do a dink swing.  As in the other, pretend you are meeting the ball in front of you.  Repeat 5 times.

  3. Forward lunge with a dink.  You are set at the kitchen line.  Lunge forward as if retrieving a ball that has bounced in the kitchen.  Perform your dinking motion.  Pretend the ball is in front of you on contact.  Get back to your set position.  Do the same thing to the other side.  The combination of a right and left is a set.  Do 5 sets.

  4. Step back with a dink.  You are set at the Kitchen Line.  Take a full step back to the right pivoting on your left foot so your body is now at an angle.  Swing like a dink and let your momentum bring you forward.  During this exercise, your knees should be bent, and you should remain in an athletic position.  Go back to center.  Repeat to the left.  Do 5 reps.

  5. Foot Speed drill.  Start slow and speed up as your athletic ability allows you to.  Jog in place with small steps.  While jogging, take your right foot and step forward, return to center, jog a few steps, step to the side, return to the center position, then a small step to the back, then back to your center position.  Do not stop jogging, repeat this with your left foot.  The combo of right and left is a set.  Do 5 sets or as many as you see fit and work up to 5.

  6. Hand Speed.  Get either into a plank position, or a position with your knees on the ground, or you can lean back with your backside touching your heels.  Do which ever your athletic ability allows you to.  Have your hands shoulder width apart.  Move your right hand to the inside, then to the outside, then back to its original position.  Speed up as you can.  And then do the same with your left hand.  A right hand and then left hand comprise a set.  Do 5 sets or less if you need to work up to 5.

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