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DUPR Rating System Explained

To Join:

Anyone can get a DUPR rating. It is free. Just download the DUPR app for your phone and/or go to the DUPR website and create an account. Make sure to go the extra step and join as a Landings Club member.


The best way to get your true rating is to play within your age group and current rating range. The way to increase your rating is to register more wins than losses. Playing mixed or gender specific games is a good idea.

Playing vs those with higher ratings can increase a rating faster but you need to win games, not lose and come close. 

Playing vs those with lower ratings means you need to win convincingly example 4 out of 5 games.

1) DUPR has gone to wins and losses. Point differentials do not matter.

2) Gender and age are not part of the algorithm 

3) Ratings still play a part

4) It will take 10 or so new matches for a rating to adjust to the new system.

5) There is a new site You can put in players and scores of games. It shows what your rating is and what it will go to. 

Coming but not here is a Reliability Rating. It is really for Tournament Directors to make sure sandbagging is no longer an issue.
Some of the things the Reliability Rating will be taking into account:
Playing with a lot of different players
Playing with a lot of different partners
How many different players your partners and opponents have played
Playing is some tournaments
Playing against team ratings

How to enter a Match:

  1. Select "Add a Match" in the upper left-hand corner.

  2. Go to "Location". Type in Sav and a drop-down box will appear. Go to Savannah, Ga and select it.

  3. Go to "Score Format". Click on the down button and various scores will appear. Tap on "1 game to 11".

  4. In the boxes below that, select "Doubles".

  5. Your name will appear in the top box. Go to "Add your Partner" and tap on that.

  6. In "Search by Name" type in the last name of your partner. Find their name in the boxes below and tap on the small circle on the left.

  7. Tap on "Add Player". It will be in the top right of the screen. That person's name will appear in the box below yours.

  8. In the boxes below put in the scores. Yours first, then your opponent's.

  9. Under "Team 2" select "Add your opponent". Do the same as before. In the box " Search by Name" type in their last name. Select the person and then tap " Add Player".

  10. Do the same for the second opponent.

  11. Now at the bottom of the screen will be a box "Submit". Tap on that and you are done.

  12. An email will be sent to your opponents. One of them will need to validate the score. This is done by logging in, scrolling down to the matches, and selecting the "Validate" button.

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