DUPR Rating System Explained

Anyone can get a DUPR rating. It is free. Just download the DUPR app for your phone and/or go to the DUPR website and create an account. Make sure to go the extra step and join as a Landings Club member. For doubles get 3 other players, agree it is a DUPR match, and at the end of the match, enter the scores. For singles, one other player. How to enter scores is shown below.


In the DUPR system, a player attains their rating by how many points they win or lose by. Age, gender, rating, and match type (men vs men, women vs women, mixed) are taken into consideration.  The best way to attain an accurate rating or to increase a rating is to play a combination of matches against those with ratings below, equal to, and above ones own rating. 

Ratings only change by a player consistently beating the average number of points the algorithm determines they should. Example (not the real numbers in the system as I don't have them) a 3.57 player in a game to 11 should lose to a 4.13 player by 5 points. If over 5 or 6 games, the 3.57 player does better, their rating will increase. The 4.13 player's rating will decrease.

There is also a connectivity dynamic that is in the system. If a person you played has a rating that has either increased or decreased, it will affect the quality of your matches against them. If their rating goes up yours will. If it goes down, yours will. This is because it will influence the number of points you should have a scored in a match. 

It takes 20 matches to get a basic rating. Up to 40 matches gets a solid rating. Up to 60 gets a finite rating. After 60 matches, the old ones fall off and new ones are entered. The last 20 matches played hold the most weight. The next 21 through 40 the next. And the oldest matches played, 41 through 60 hold the least amount of weight. 

There is a situation called censored matches. Those are matches that at this time contains a .625 difference between teams. As more matches are entered into the system this number will go down.

How to Record a Match in DUPR
  1. Log in - One person from the winning team records the score.

  2. Select "Add a Match" in the upper left-hand corner.

  3. Go to "Location". Type in Sav and a drop-down box will appear. Go to Savannah, Ga and select it.

  4. Go to "Score Format". Click on the down button and various scores will appear. Tap on "1 game to 11".

  5. In the boxes below that, select "Doubles".

  6. Your name will appear in the top box. Go to "Add your Partner" and tap on that.

  7. In "Search by Name" type in the last name of your partner. Find their name in the boxes below and tap on the small circle on the left.

  8. Tap on "Add Player". It will be in the top right of the screen. That person's name will appear in the box below yours.

  9. In the boxes below put in the scores. Yours first, then your opponent's.

  10. Under "Team 2" select "Add your opponent". Do the same as before. In the box " Search by Name" type in their last name. Select the person and then tap " Add Player".

  11. Do the same for the second opponent.

  12. Now at the bottom of the screen will be a box "Submit". Tap on that and you are done.

  13. An email will be sent to your opponents. One of them will need to validate the score. This is done by logging in, scrolling down to the matches, and selecting the "Validate" button.