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DUPR Rating System Explained

To Join:

Anyone can get a DUPR rating. It is free. Just download the DUPR app for your phone and/or go to the DUPR website and create an account. Make sure to go the extra step and join as a Landings Club member.


March 2024 - DUPR Explained

1To Valdiate = all 4 players must validate a match

2 New Players = automatically start at 3.5

3 20 matches to have a good rating, 10 matches ok.

4 How do I know if I am playing at the right level =  wins/losses fairly equal. Point differentials small. 

5 As long as you win, a rating will not go down

6 Best way to improve a rating = play those equal to or slightly better and win

7 Playing lower rated players to increase a rating = now does not work well. Winning and point 

differential will move the needle very little

8 Playing against a new player = rating will not move much because the new players rating is 

considered not reliable

9 What does move a ratings

a) Performing vs  expected outcome = DUPR figures out the favored team/person. If the favored

team/person wins, the movement is less. If the underdog wins, it moves more.

b) Scores count - point differentials affect the changes

c) Number of games in a match = 3 game match recorded counts more than a 1 game match recorded

d) A tournament or club match ( those matches that are not entered by a player in the match) count

more than a rec match

e) The Half Life rating matters. It is a contributing factor in deciding how much a rating will move.

Half Life refers to when games were recorded. The higher the rating, the more the matches count.

Games when recorded are given a half life of 1. Each day that rating deteriorates. Not much but some.

Those with a low half life rating are considered less reliable. Their rating will change faster and at

a higher as DUPR is using the info to catch up.

f) A DUPR rating is only considered accurate if the half life rating is high.

How to enter a Match:

  1. Select "Add a Match" in the upper left-hand corner.

  2. Go to "Location". Type in Sav and a drop-down box will appear. Go to Savannah, Ga and select it.

  3. Go to "Score Format". Click on the down button and various scores will appear. Tap on "1 game to 11".

  4. In the boxes below that, select "Doubles".

  5. Your name will appear in the top box. Go to "Add your Partner" and tap on that.

  6. In "Search by Name" type in the last name of your partner. Find their name in the boxes below and tap on the small circle on the left.

  7. Tap on "Add Player". It will be in the top right of the screen. That person's name will appear in the box below yours.

  8. In the boxes below put in the scores. Yours first, then your opponent's.

  9. Under "Team 2" select "Add your opponent". Do the same as before. In the box " Search by Name" type in their last name. Select the person and then tap " Add Player".

  10. Do the same for the second opponent.

  11. Now at the bottom of the screen will be a box "Submit". Tap on that and you are done.

  12. An email will be sent to your opponents. One of them will need to validate the score. This is done by logging in, scrolling down to the matches, and selecting the "Validate" button.

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