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LPA League Schedule

Winter/Spring League

Sign up Feb 4th - Feb 17th

Draft Monday Feb 19th

League Feb 29th - Apr 18th

Start time all days 6:00

Monday - Major Division

Thursday - Premier & Challenger Divisions

Each team plays each team twice

No rain make up dates except for the playoffs

Week 1:

Team 1 vs team 2

Team 3 vs team 4

Week 2:

Team 1 vs team 3

Team 2 vs team 4

Week 3:

Team 1 vs team 4

Team 2 vs team 3

The next 3 weeks repeats itself

The Playoffs

Week 1:

First place team vs Last place team

2nd place team vs 3rd place team

Week 2:

Winners of week 1 play each other 

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