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LPA Sign up, Ladder, and League Information

What is the Landings Pickleball Association:
It is a DUPR based organization for players of any level that want competition against others of equal ability. It is for those who want to improve their game. There is a Spring and a Fall League. In between, there is weekly Ladder competition.
How to sign up:
Sign up forms are in the Franklin Creek Club House or you can print the form in the LPA Sign Up Form section.

Who can join, how much is the cost:

Any Athletic or Full Golf member that is in good standing may join.

A DUPR rating is not necessary to join. You can establish one later.

The annual membership fee is $30. Check made out to Landings Pickleball Association or bring cash to Thursday night. Join August or after, $15 charge for the balance of that year.

It is a member organization that operates within the guidelines of The Landings Golf & Athletic Club.

Play Dates:

The LPA Ladder events are on Thursday nights. 6:00 - 8:00.

During the league, the Premier and Challenger Divisions will play on Thursday and the Major Division on Monday.

Ladder Night Rules:
( This is a weekly sign up event. Sign up is in the LPA Events drop down box)
a) Players are grouped per court by DUPR ratings.
b) Sign up is Friday thru Tuesday at 11:59pm for the upcoming Thursday
c) Emails are sent out with updates showing the number of players who have signed up.
d) The full list of players (extras or subs if there are any) are sent Wednesday. This is to give time to adjust and try to find players if necessary.
e) There is no first to sign up, last to sign up. Players are grouped by DUPR rating. In all aspects, ensuring competitive play will always be the overriding determination on who plays that week.
f) If there is an odd number, we will send out a message to see if we can get to an even number. If an even number is not available, the players selected will be those that ensure the most competitive play. 
g) If two or more players have the same rating and it means one or more would have to move down, the one or ones with the least number of games in DUPR will go down.
h) If after the sign up period is over a player has to withdraw, it affects all the players assigned to his or her court. It is in everyone's best interest on that court to pitch in and help to find a replacement. The LPA will send out an email to those we know of that have played in the ladder previously.
The game:
a) All games to 11 win by 2 or if necessary up to 15 win by 1.
b) The ladder is divided into 2 rounds.
c) The first round ends with either with 3 games completed or at 7:30.  At that time, if a game is still being played, regardless of the score, the game is over.
d) Players move up, down, or stay put on their court by the number of points attained.
e) If there is a tie in the number of points between 2 players. 
   1) Rally scoring game. Doubles - first team to 5.  
   2) Teams created by one player guessing a number between 1 and 2. The winner chooses a partner. The loser picks the side of court and if they want to serve or receive.  
   3) If 3 players are tied, by drawing, one will be eliminated. The 2 remaining will play 
f) How to play a rally scoring game:
    1) Players pick which part of the court ( right or left side ) they will play on. They play on that side 
for the entire game - no switching. Serving switches from player to player. Score is even - the player on the right side serves: Score is odd - the player on the left side serves. 


General Information:

To qualify a player must have 20 recorded DUPR scores.


Pro shop credit for each player on the winning team for each division 

The amount is based up how much money the LPA has in the bank.

2024 League Dates:

Fall League:

To be determined. Dates may depend on court construction.


Courts are scheduled to start at 6:00pm. Warm up, keep to a max of 15 minutes, and play. 

Use of Subs:

Any member of the LPA with 20 DUPR scores at the time they are being used may be a sub.

The Premier Division a sub may not exceed .15 above the player being replaced, for the Challenger and Major Divisions .2.

This can be overturned if both teams agree to it.

Players per night:

Captains may use any number of players during a single night of play but players may not be substituted within a round. The round 1 players are those. Then different players may be involved in the second round. Also the top 2 DUPR rated players of the 4 who are taking the court must take the A positions.

Note: If a player sustains an injury, a sub may be used at anytime.

Time outs:

Unless medical, limited to a minute. 1 time out per team per game.

The game:

For Game Pay ( Premier & Challenger Divisions)

2 rounds of 3 games each night ( 6 total games)

Games are 11 win by 2 or if necessary 15 win by 1. 

Keep Point totals and turn them in on your clipboards. They may be used as a tie breaker for that night or even for the season rankings if necessary.

1st round:

The 2 A players of one team vs the 2 A players of the opposing team.

At the same time on an adjacent court.

The 2 B players of one team vs the 2 B players of the opposing team.

2nd Round:

The winner of round 1 declares their team first.

The losing team of round 2 then declares their team.

An A/B player combination of players vs an A/B combination of players of the opposing team. 

At the same time on an adjacent court.

A different A/B player combination of players vs an A/B combination of players of the opposing team.

Tie Breaker: For Game Play format ( 3 games played per match)

1st  = Team Points vs Team Points

2nd = "A" matches vs "A" matches point total

3rd = "B" matches vs "B" matches point total

4th = "A/B" matches vs "A/B" matches point total

5th = play a rally scoring doubles match to 5. Guess a number. The winner gets to choose to serve or receive. 



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