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LPA Information

LPA (Landings Pickleball Association) 
Important Information:
Sign Up for the LPA is full at 150 members. This is due to limited court availability.
There is a wait list form at the bulletin board and the Franklin Creek Courts Shop.
Important Dates:
For Monday Structured Play:
This is limited to the first 48 to sign up and then a wait list.
Sign up will be weekly in the LPA Events section
Sign up is each Tuesday thru Saturday for the Monday Play
For Thursday League:
Thursday April 6th - the League starts - lasts 8 weeks. ​​

The LPA does not change or replace the Tuesday League or in any way affect the regular Monday Open Play.

Who can join, who is it for, how much is the cost,

It may be joined by any Athletic or Full Golf member that is in good standing.

It is for players of all levels from Beginners to 4.0+.

A DUPR rating is not necessary to join.

The annual membership fee is $30.

It is a member organization that operates within the guidelines of The Landings Golf & Athletic Club.

April 3rd thru April 28th, to assess if the LPA is for you.

This is a brand new organization. You may find out it is not for you.

You will have from Monday April 3rd thru Friday April 28th to figure out if you want to continue. 

If you do not, email with a written request and the LPA will refund the $30 membership fee.

How to become an LPA member:

Due to the limited courts available for the LPA, membership is capped at 150.

Beginning Feb 13th, an online jot form in the court sports section of the Landings Site under pickleball or at the Franklin Creek Pro Shop.

How to sign up for the Thursday League:

It is full for this season.

Go to the LPA site. Go to LPA Events. It will ask to sign in with your LPA password. It will take you to the league sign up. Last day to sign up is Saturday March 4th.

What the LPA offers:

The LPA offers two distinctly different playing experiences:

Monday Night

It is for Structured Play and Fun Events. By joining the LPA, you are automatically in the group of players available to sign up for Structured Open Play.

Sign up is done on a weekly basis - Tuesday thru Saturday, limited to 48, on a first sign up basis. Others will be on a wait list. 

The limit of 48 players is too insure time on the courts as the LPA only has 8 courts.

Thursday night

It is for a DUPR League. When the league is not in session, use is TBD.

This is limited to 48 players. Those who sign up but are not selected will go on a sub list.

Please review below under "Thursday Night DUPR League" for details.

Monday Nights

Monday Structured Play Nights sign up necessary:

Because the LPA membership far exceeded expectations, signing up for Monday night is now a necessity.

Sign up will be weekly - Tuesday through Saturday

How the Structured Nights will work:

1) Sign in and warm up 6:30 to 6:45

2) The first hour or so different courts will be set aside for every level of play. The games played will end up end in DUPR and therefore ratings will be accomplished over time.

Monday Night Schedule

For the first month or two, we will stick to the structured night format. Afterwards, we will begin to incorporate a Fun Night a month.

A Few Proposed Fun Nights:

  1. Poker Night 

    • From the players that sign up, teams will be created. 

    • For each match won, the winning team will earn 3 cards, the losing team 1 card.

    • At the end of the night, the number of cards earned will be given out. 

    • The team with the best hand wins

  2. Handicap Night

    • This is to mix up players between levels of play.

    • The teams with a combined lower rating will be given a point handicap and will serve first. Example: Game starts with the score of 3 to 0. 

  3. Women's Night

  4. Ambassador Night = more experienced players get on the court with less experienced players

  5. Pro Night = Pro's come out and play with members at each rating level.


To submit ideas for Event Games

Contact Charlie Bradford to do so. I am in the Landings Directory.

Thursday Night DUPR League Play starting at 6:30pm

How to sign up for the Thursday League:

It is full for this season.

Go to the LPA site. Go to LPA Events. It will ask to sign in with your LPA password. It will take you to the league sign up. Last day to sign up is Saturday March 4th.

Minimum DUPR games required to be eligible for the Draft:

All players must have 20 games in the DUPR system by Monday March 13th.

The League set up:

The league will be divided into 2 divisions. From everyone who has signed up and has 20 games in DUPR, the top 48 DUPR rated players will be in the league. The Premier Division will contain 24 rated players and the Challenger Division 24 rated players. The only exception may be due to excessive dates a player cannot be available to play. If that is the case, a determination will be done by a committee of captains and LPA members - not by an individual captain.

How the Draft is run:

First, each captain is given a list of the players with their ratings shown and what days they cannot play.

The ratings are a guideline for the captains but they will pick players as they wish.

The days not being able to play is so a captain will not create a team that can't be fielded on certain dates.

Second, in consecutive/numerical order captains will choose a player. The process then repeats itself but in reverse order with the captain who picked last will now pick first.

The Premier division will be done first, and then the Challenger division.

Third, each team will be given a number.

Fourth, each captain will be given a number.

Last, the teams are matched with the captains.

Due to DUPR having a lag time in computing ratings, the LPA Committee will review the players who have signed up. It will have final say of players and of divisions.

Per Team set up:

Two A players per team and 4 B players per team or 6 players per team.


All games will be to 11, win by 2, up to 15 win by 1.

There will be two rounds per night.

The first round will feature 3 games of "A" players vs "A" players and 3 games of "B" players vs "B" players playing at the same time on 2 different courts.

The second round will feature 3 games of "A/B players vs A/B players on 1 court and the same on the 2nd court.

Points will be kept per game. The team with the highest point total for the night, wins the night. 

Schedule for the Winter DUPR league:

Winter League Play = April 6th - May 25th

When the league is not in session, the courts will be used for non league play. 

Schedule for the Fall League Registration:

Fall League Registration = Sep 11 - Sep 28th

Captains and Draft = by Wed Oct 5th

Teams Notified = Thu Oct 6th

Fall League Play = Oct 12 - Dec 14th


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