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2019 Men's & Women's Doubles

Pickleball Club Championships 

On Saturday, March 23 we had a total of 26 teams compete in the 2019 Men’s and Women’s Doubles Pickleball Club Championships. The participation of this event is up and incredible 54% from last year! We are so excited to see pickleball continue to grow at our Club. Participants were split into a Championship and an A Division in both Men’s and Women’s Doubles. The tournament was a double elimination format which proved to be quite an endurance test for the champions of each division as they had quite a few matches to play! Be sure to congratulate the following players when you see them, as they are your new CLUB CHAMPIONS and runner ups.

Men’s Championship Doubles

Champions: Andy Eastwood, Mark Medinger

Second Place: Herb Weaver, Wayne Pero

Third Place: Rich Heyman, Rich Morell

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Women’s Championship Doubles

Champions: Janet Eastwood, Sherry Schneidewind

Second Place: Carol Brown, Kathleen Esposito

Third Place: Leslie Medinger, Tanis Bond

Men's A Champs pic.jpg

Men’s A Division Doubles

Champions: Brian Duffy, Rich Wholey

Second Place: Johnny Moran, Pat Brooks

Third Place: Ed O'Donnell, Eric Larson

Women’s A Division Doubles

Champions: Karen Inglese, Janet Waite

Second Place: Linda Rakosi, Chris Lanigan

Third Place: Kaye Nzarain, Dee DeClerque