League Rules...

The Landings Club Pickleball League Rules

Table of Contents

  1. New Summer 2018 League Rules

  2. Formation of teams

    1. Registration

    2. Captain selection

    3. Evaluation of new players

    4. Ranking of registered players

    5. Draft of players

    6. League dropouts

  3. Format for match play

    1. Start times

    2. Starting a match

      1. Warm-up

      2. Flip coin for choice of serve or side

      3. Wearing of wristband for first server

      4. Change of sides during match

    3. Scoring format

    4. Rules for substitutions in match

    5. Rules for using non-rostered subs

    6. Rules for rain-out

      1. Rules for rain make-up matches not played on set make-up day

    7. Filling out scorecards

  4. Pickleball etiquette

    1. Questions on calls/rules in-match

    2. Calling of lets

    3. Spectator interference- including captains and teammates




  1. New Spring 2018 League Rules

    1. Playoffs: The teams that make it to the playoffs at the end of the season must field their line-ups ONLY with players from the roster they received at the beginning of the season. No subs will be permitted.

  2. Formation of Teams

    1. Registration:  The first step in the formation of a team is the registration process.  In order to register for a team, the member must call or stop into the Franklin Creek Pro Shop.  Once inside, simply communicate to the staff member at the Front Desk that you would like to register for ________ session of the Pickleball League.  Please leave your name, member number, best contact number and email address.

    2. Captain Selection:  At the close of registration an email will go out to all registrants welcoming them to the league.  Additionally, there will be a request for volunteers to be team captains.  The number of captains needed will be determined by the number of players that registered for the league.  The goal is to have 10 players on each roster, but no more than 11 if necessary.

    3. Evaluation of new players:  If there are any new players joining the league, the new “unknown” players will attend an evaluation session.  This will enable the rating committee to watch them play and will allow for more accurate placement of those players for league play.

    4. Ranking of Registered Players:  Once all players have been evaluated they must be placed as either a line 1, line 2 or line 3 player.  The initial placement will be done collaboratively by the rating committee, and will be reviewed by the professional staff.  Any potential changes or adjustments will be made and the groupings will be finalized.

    5. Draft of Players:  Finally, the captains will meet at the Franklin Creek conference room and begin a blind selection of their teams.  All players will be divided into their appropriate levels, and captains will simply draw names out of a bucket to select their players for that season.

      1. This takes all politics out of the selection process and ensures the draft process is fair and even.

      2. Spouses/significant others may not be rostered on the same team, due to travel purposes.  When one team loses 2 players simultaneously due to travel/etc., it had negative impacts for said team.

    6. League Dropouts:  If a drafted player resigns from the league prior to the first match of the season, another player of like ability, if possible, will be added to that team’s roster to replace the resigned player.  If a player drops out after the start of the season, that team will be one player down and can either field teams with rostered players or with non-rostered substitutes for ½ points.

    7. Teams with only 2 players at line 3:  If a team has only 2 players on their roster after the draft at Line 3, that team will not be subject to the ½ point rule if they need to get a Line 3 sub for a given match in season.

  3. Format for Match Play

    1. Start Times:  League matches will take place on Tuesdays with start times of 5:30pm and not before 6:15pm. 

      1. If/When the league grows to more than 8 teams, the start times would work in this manner:  5:30pm, not before 6:15pm, not before 7pm.  This will allow matches to go on the court earlier than the top of the hour while also guaranteeing a match will not simply start when a court is open.  If that is the case it is possible a forfeit may arise.

    2. Starting the Match

      1. Flip a coin:  located in the bucket next to the net is a penny.  Flip the coin to determine which team gets first choice of either serve or side.  Team that loses the toss gets to pick whatever is left to choose.

      2. Wristband for the first server:  the first server on each team wears a wristband.  This will help if you ever lose track of the score.  The wristband works like this- your team’s score will always be even when the wristband player is on the right side of the court, and always odd when on the left side of the court (it really works, trust me)

      3. Warm-up:  Should begin promptly at 6pm/7pm.  If a team/player is not on site 10 minutes after their court is available they will default the match- making the match score 2-0.

    3. Scoring:  Each match will be best 2 out of 3 games.  Each game will be first team to 11 win by 2, with sudden death at 15.

      1. Change of sides during the match:  It is not required to change sides during the match, but if either of the teams wants to switch sides, then when one team reaches 6 points you must change sides of the court with your opponents.

      2. Each game to 11 counts as one point for the overall team match.  When Team A plays Team B, the total games won are added up.  The team that wins the most matches will also receive a bonus point.  By awarding the bonus point it will break any ties, if applicable.

    4. Time-Outs: Every team at each line is allowed 1 time out per game, no more. A time-out is limited to 60 seconds.

    5. In-match substitutions:  There are no in-match substitutions this season.  This change was made to allow players to know they are going to get a full match each time they play, rather than only one game.  A player may only play in one line per match, and cannot play in line 1 and line 2, or line 2 and line 3, etc. in the same match, with the exception of a double rain out event.

    6. Non-rostered substitute players:  The goal is to use the players on your team.  If it is not possible to field a team on match day using only your players then you may use an approved substitute player.  In doing so, your team at that line is eligible for only ½ of the total points on that line.

    7. Rain outs:  In the event of a rain out, the match will be made up on Wednesday- the very next day- at the same time.  This will ease the pain of rescheduling make up matches.

      1. Double rain outs:  In the event of a Wednesday rain out, matches must be made up before the next scheduled match, and are self-scheduled between the teams.

        1. Players may play in more than one line for double rain outs.  That means that a line 3 player may play a match in line 3, 2 and 1 if necessary.  The goal is to play the match using your rostered players and avoid forfeits when possible.

    8. Scorecards:  Scorecards will be completed and signed by each captain, then returned to Rebecca.  The standings will then be updated.  All standings can be found on the TLC Pickleball website, accessed through your www.landingsclub.com website and the Court Sports dropdown tab.


  1. Pickleball etiquette

    1. Questions on calls/rules in-match:  All on-court line calls, rules questions, etc. must be handled by the players on the court.  At no time are spectators, captains, teammates or substitutes allowed to offer solicited or unsolicited advice.  Coachable moments can take place after a match, not during the match.  This includes line calls, foot fault calls, no-volley zone infractions and illegal serving.

    2. Calling of lets:  If your ball is rolling into another court and poses eminent danger to the other players, please interrupt their match in the best interest of safety and call “let”.  If your ball is not a threat, please wait until the point is finished and then ask for assistance in retrieving your ball.  On your own court, any player may call a let if they see a ball that distracts them or is a danger.  The call must be immediate.

  2. Additional rules

    1. This is a list of rules specific to the functionality of The Landings Club Pickleball League.  In addition to these rules, please familiarize yourself with the rules of Pickleball.  To access the official rules, please follow this link:  https://www.usapa.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/06/IFP-booklet_pbrules_2-16-14-ifp.pdf

  3. Pickleball League Mission Statement

    1. Provide level specific match play, in a fun, social setting, enabling interaction between players of all levels and abilities.