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Skinny Singles Ladder

March 13-May 27

Skinny Singles Pickleball: Landings Club Edition

  1. First server will be the player that was challenged.

  2. At the start of the match, the serve will come from the right side of the court when the score is 0-0.

  3. Once the serve is hit, server must slide over to play against the returner straight ahead.

  4. Any time the server wins the point, they will continue to serve.

  5. When the server’s score is an even number, the serve will be played from the right side of the court then the server will slide to their left. When the server’s score is an odd number, they will serve from the left side of the court then slide to their right.


Rules of the Ladder


1.       The ladder season will run from March 13- May 27.


2.       A ladder match will be 2 out of 3 games to 11, win by 2, with a deciding point at 15.


3.       There is no official ball used for the ladder, as the players will supply their own balls for the match.


4.       Initial ordering of the ladder is somewhat randomized.  This will foster more movement and challenges right off of the bat, and natural progression will then ensue.


5.       A player may challenge up to 3 spots ahead of them on the ladder.


6.       A victory by the lower ranked player allows them to replace the higher ranked players position on the ladder, and all other players are moved down 1 space.


7.       The results of the match must be submitted to


8.       The winning player is also responsible for moving the names on the ladder board to reflect the most recent results. Ladder board is located on the bulletin board outside the pro shop closest to Tennis Court 6.


9.       Players may issue or accept more than one challenge at a time.  The ladder match is only valid, however, if the players are within legal challenge range at the time of the match.  Members are free to play invalid matches, but their results will simply not be counted.


10.   The challenged player may suggest the day and time of the match.  However the time should be mutually agreeable to both players. Players are responsible for booking their own court.


11.   A match should be completed within 7 days of the challenge.  A cancelled challenge is a default loss for the player cancelling the match.


12.   Recognition will be given to the top finisher on the ladder and the player who moved the most spots from their initial position.


13. New players can join at any time past the start of ladder play. New players must play a challenge match against the player they feel they should come in above on the ladder. If they win they will enter the ladder there. If they lose, the will be placed at the bottom of the ladder and must work their way up from there. Choose your challenge wisely ;)  To join, please email with a subject line of "pickleball ladder join".