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DUPR Open Courts - August Tuesday Nights

For the month of August on Tuesday only, courts on 1 through 4 from 6:30 to 8:30 will be DUPR Open Courts. To play, you must be signed up within the DUPR system for the Landings. Like any open play, if more show up than courts that are available, after one game players come off the court and new ones come into play.

There will be someone there to coordinate the players to which courts they will be play on. I am currently scheduled to be that person. I am Charlie Bradford.

It is imperative that you either know your current DUPR rating or how you are self-rated. Teams need to be as closely matched as possible. You really want one team's rating of the combined players to be within .50 of the other team's rating. No matter what, a team's aggregate rating cannot be higher than .75 above the other team. DUPR will not count those.

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