Welcome to the league!...

The Landings Club Pickleball League was created in Summer of 2017. The intention of the pickleball league is to provide an avenue for our members to participate more in match play, learn more about the game, as well as grow the participation of the sport through a fun, social environment!


Each team in the league has roughly 10 players per team, separated in to three different "Lines" of play; Line 1, Line 2, and Line 3, with Line 1 being the strongest players of the levels. Matches are scheduled against other teams within the Landings Club Pickleball League and are played weekly on Tuesday evenings. Length of the season is determined by the amount of teams in each given season. 

In the early stages of the Pickleball League, we stared with 8 teams and roughly 90-100 players on rosters and sub lists. The Landings Club is currently conducting its 5th league season and we are very excited at the growth this sport has shown here. In this Fall season of 2019 we now have 12 teams that have been split into two divisions of play. There are roughly 140 rostered league players and about 30 players on the sub list. 

If you are interested in participating in the Pickleball League here at TLC please contact Mike.Stevenson@Landingsclub.com