2019 Mixed Doubles

Pickleball Club Championships 

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The 2019 Mixed Doubles Pickleball Club Championships were held on Sunday, April 7.  The day started out overcast with rain threatening, but the fierce competition scared away the clouds and it turned into a beautiful sunny day. 


There were a total of 18 teams playing.  When you watched the action taking place at the Franklin Creek Pickleball Courts you could not help but be impressed by the quality of the play and competitiveness of the matches.  Fueled by the interest of our members and commitment of our Court Sports Pros, we are quickly becoming a Club of skilled pickleball players!


The winners in the Championship Division were Dinah Zapatka and Herb Weaver winning Gold, Janet and Andy Eastwood winning Silver, and Leslie and Mark Medinger winning Bronze. 


The winners in the A Division were Vanessa Marin and Rich Wholey winning Gold, Eileen Moson and Mark Alexander winning Silver, and Janet Waite and Eddie O’Donnell winning Bronze.

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Mixed Champs Champs.jpg