Doubles Ladder

This is open to all players and all levels and is a gender-neutral doubles ladder - meaning teams can be man-man, woman-woman, man-woman…just get a partner and sign up!  You will stay with that partner for all of your matches.  The league will run from Sunday, April 10 to Sunday, June 19.

Please register for the Doubles Ladder using the form link contained in the weekly edition of Courtside published in Thursday's Our Club Daily News (Top 5).

League will run on Sunday afternoons with 2 sessions; 1-2 pm and 2-3 pm. The season starts on Sunday, April 10 and will end on June 19 - a 10-week season with no scheduled play on April 17. Play will be limited to 5 courts per session, and we will run two consecutive sessions each week. We will fill up the 1-2 pm session first, then fill up the 2-3 pm session. When registering for the week, please know that you are available for both time periods. The first teams that respond will be accepted into the event for that week- room for 20 total teams playing each week.

Each match consists of 2 out of 3 games to 11, win by 2, and sudden death at 15. On Monday/Tuesday, I will send out a message to all players asking if they can play on the upcoming Sunday. Please respond to the message by Thursday to secure your spot that week. Some weeks I may have an odd number of teams, creating a scenario where one team will need to sit out. All responses will be honored, and the match-ups will occur with teams accepting challenges from within the closest four teams on the ladder that can also play that week. Results are sent to Alex Fox at the end of play.

If you win, you leapfrog the team you defeated, everyone else moves down one spot. If you lost, there is no movement of players - everyone stays where they were before Alex will collect the results, reshuffle the standings, and send out another message on Monday with the updated standings and a request for the next week of play. There will also be a “three strikes and you are out” rule (legitimate medical excuses will be honored). Any team that does not participate three weeks in a row will automatically bump down three spots in the standings. Each ensuing week will again bump their spot an additional 3 spaces. Once they participate, their count resets to zero. This is to encourage play and participation, rather than trying to hold onto one’s standings by not playing.

Also, regarding match ups, please know that I am at the mercy of who signs up each week. If an odd number of teams sign up that are ranked higher than you, you will play someone higher. If there are an odd number of teams that sign up who are lower than you, that week you have to play lower. I will also do my best to avoid repeat matches two weeks in a row.

Last but not least, $20 entry fee, and a big cooler of adult beverages for everyone on the last day of play!