Dynamic Universal Pickleball Rating (DUPR)

DUPR Rumors

If you have had your ear to the ground, chances are you have heard the rumors on DUPR...the gender and age neutral method of creating a universal Pickleball rating. More to come, but this rating platform is sweeping the nation, and we are proud to be an official DUPR club! A few quick points are:

  • DUPR is 100% optional - it is not required for any current league or activity.

  • It’s easy to register and completely free for you to use:

    • Simply register at https://mydupr.com/.

    • Create a username and password.

      • Connect your profile to The Landings Club.

  • For any questions- contact DUPR support- they are great and very responsive if you have trouble on the platform.

  • As more matches are logged in the system, a DUPR rating will be generated- the more matches logged, the more accurate the rating becomes.

  • It is the official rating platform for the PPA Tour and now The Landings Club!

  • For an explanation about how DUPR works, check out https://www.support.mydupr.com/.