LPA Information

LPA (Landings Pickleball Association) General Information

The Landings Pickleball Association is an organization run by members of the pickleball community operating within the guidelines of The Landings Golf & Athletic Club. We work with the Franklin Creek Court Pro's to coordinate schedules and events. 

The LPA provides two nights of play on courts 1 through 8. Monday nights are for a combination of social events and open play. Thursday nights are for a competitive DUPR league.

This organization is open to all players - the newest to the most experienced.

This is a DUPR organization and all members are required to have a rating. If you don't have one, it is no problem. Join and you can get one within a night or two of play.

For all members there is a yearly fee to join the LPA. The amount is being determined. 

The following dates are dependent upon the new court construction:

Join the LPA starting December 16th.

Monday Nights Registration will be weekly

Thursday Winter League Registration = Jan 9 -23rd

Monday Nights = Feb 6 - Dec 18 except July/Aug during new court construction

Thursday Winter League = Feb 9 - Mar 30th

Thursday Open DUPR Nights = Apr 6 - June 29th, closed July/Aug, Sep 7 - Oct 5th

Thursday Fall League Registration = Sep 11 - Sep 25th

Thursday Fall League = Oct 12 - Dec 14th

Monday Social Night

Event Games will happen 2 times a month. There will be teams created by using DUPR to ensure that all the matches are competitively fun. A history of 5 DUPR games will be needed. 


Open nights will happen 2 times a month. If you don't have a DUPR rating, this is the night to get one. For those that do, the play will be divided into groups that closely match each other.

Proposed Event Games:

  1. Poker Night = cost $5 per player.

    • From the players that sign up, there will be 4 teams that will be created. 

    • For each match won, the winner will earn 3 cards, the loser 1 card.

    • At the end of the night, the number of cards earned will be given out. 

    • The team with the best hand wins 75% of the pot, second place 25% of the pot.

    • If there is a tie, the team with the most wins will win. If still a tie, then head to head wins.

  2. Handicap Night

    • This is to mix up players between levels of play.

    • The guideline of teams being no more than .70 difference in team rating with no more than .5 between the highest and lowest ranked player between any of the 4 players.

  3. Women's Night

  4. Ambassador Night = more experienced players get on the court with less experienced players

Open Play:

There will be 2 nights a month dedicated to Open Play.

The players that sign up for Open Play will be divided into 4 groups. Each group will be assigned 2 courts. The players will rotate between themselves and play within the courts they are assigned.  

Ideas for fun events

Contact Charlie Bradford to do so. I am in the Landings Directory.

Thursday Night League Play

The objective is to create very competitive play.  All players must have 20 games in the DUPR system. During the weeks between the winter and fall league, the courts will be available for those players.

The most amount of players that can be selected is 48. This is due to the amount of available courts. A team is scheduled to be made up of 4 full time and 2 bench players per team.  Teams will selected by a draft overseen by a someone not participating in the league. Hopefully Alex or Chris.

The draft will be conducted by the captains, but they will not know which team they are drafting for. At the end of the draft, each team will be given a number and each captain will be given a number. Then each captain will blindly pull a number to find out which team is theirs. During the draft, if captains feel there is one team getting out of balance, the commissioner (the one who is not in the league) can negate a draft choice or change a team at the end.

The Game:

There will be four games to 15, win by one. No player can play in more than 2 games.

In the event of a tie, there will be one singles match to 17 with rally scoring (do not have to be serving to win a point). After 4 points are scored, each team will replace their current player with a new one until 17 points are scored. Each captain must submit the order of their players before the match begins.  This means each player will be on the singles court for probably less than 5 minutes.

There will be a charge per night played to create a pot which will be split between prizes for that night and beverage costs. This is to be determined.